Saturday, December 13, 2008

Graduation, Thankfulness & Facebook

Well, I am an official graduate of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary! I graduated yesterday with a Master of Divinity degree (can you really master divinity??). Nevertheless, thankfulness fills the Culbertson house today, and this is especially true for me.

I am thankful for Southern Seminary, a fortress of truth sending out an army that is mighty in the Scriptures. Everytime I walk on that beautiful campus I know it is a bright hope for the SBC.

I am thankful for Dr. Al Mohler and the men who taught me. I have come to deeply respect these men and greatly appreciate all that they teach.

I am thankful for my wife. Her encouragement, support and assistance eased the burden of these last few semesters. Dianna is truly a God-delivered helpmate.

These past two days were wonderful. And to top it all off, I'm on Dr. Mohler's facebook page!


John said...

Congratulations! Should we call you Master Culbertson?

Travis said...

Congratulations on completing the long journey of never ending tests and papers! Cubby, keep feeding upon and abiding in the Truth. Watch your life and doctrine closely. Continue to allow the word to penetrate your soul and spirit. Enjoy being able to read whatever you want, too, especially the Scriptures.

The Culbertsons said...

Thank you! John, you should've already been calling me Master. Travis... much needed words of encouragement, brother.

Del said...

Nice blog! Who would have thought Josh would have a blog one day? Bergman and I were chatting and found yours through his. How are things going old friend from the greatest state EVER?

Anonymous said...

Cool... didn't know you were that close to gradumatating... now you can be an officially sanctioned preacher-type dude like me!!!

(okay, seriouslly: congrats!)



Jarod said...

Congratulations, Master Culbertson!