Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Jesus, Lottie & Santa

Growing up in a Southern Baptist church, there were three names associated with Christmas: Jesus, Lottie Moon, & Santa -- and in that order! As I think on it, those three names and all that they represent aren't a bad way to keep Christmas in its proper perspective.
JESUS: Salvation!
Christmas (like every other time of year) in our home centers around our Savior -- we sing hymns, read Scripture, talk about Him, etc. Just think of all Jesus gave up when He humbled Himself by leaving Heaven and coming to live among us.
There, He eternally existed; here, He was born among livestock.
There, He dwelt in splendor and majesty; here, He had no home.
There, He enjoyed sweet fellowship with the Father & Holy Spirit; here, He was despised & rejected.
There, He sat upon a throne; here, He hung upon a tree.

"Oh, the love the drew salvation's plan! Oh, the grace that brought it down to man!"

LOTTIE: Missions!
Christmas is perhaps the greatest motivation for world missions. Just as Jesus left the glories, perfections, and comforts of heaven to dwell among sinful men and women, so Christians must be willing to sacrifice money, home, family, and friends in order to tell others the good news. This Christmas season, pray for the missionaries as they share the Gospel and as they are away from family. Give generously to the Lottie Moon Christmas offering (or any missions fund) this Sunday! And consider how the Lord might be calling you to personally go to the nations -- full-time or even short-term.
Remember Jesus came to bring good news of great joy to sinful people. What are you personally doing to continue that mission?

SANTA: Childhood Memories!
Last (and least!), is the fun tradition of Santa. The jury is still out for us on what exactly to do with Ol' Saint Nick, but we both really enjoyed the thought of him bringing gifts on Christmas Eve. It seems like an innocent childhood imagination (like playing pretend and having imaginary friends), so he makes the list.

Those three names and all that they represent sum up Christmas for our family. So I give you these three names, encouraging you to remember that Jesus is the name that is above every name!

Have a lovely Christmas!

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