Saturday, October 18, 2008

W. Stands for...

Something has happened. Something that so infuriated me that it roused me from my blogging hibernation.

Dianna & I went to see Oliver Stone's sorry excuse for a movie, "W." We were on a date and Hollywood just isn't producing much worth seeing these days, so we wound up in this movie. I can laugh at George Bush just as much as the next guy. These past 8 years have been a comedian's dream. But this movie... As I watched it, the 'W.' took on new meaning:

Don't get me wrong, I expected an unflattering portrayal of Bush, but this was absurd.

Josh Brolin did well with the swagger and the speech, but beyond that, it stunk. Every demeaning thing they could throw in, they did. Bush is a sloppy eater who talks with his mouth full and picks his teeth with his finger. Bush talked to Laura while sitting (and wiping) on the toilet. Bush got a girl pregnant and made her abort the child (an allegation made by none other than the honorable Larry Flynt; it has never been substantiated). Bush's entire presidency, especially Iraq, was just an attempt to make daddy proud. What??

Condi Rice is a fawning servant... she might as well of called him 'massa' (Where's the claims of racism??). And don't even get me starter on Thandie Newton's sorry attempt at her accent.

Karl Rove is a loser who makes his way to power by brown-nosing Bush. Not to mention he looks like a mad scientist.

When is this going to end?
I actually said this out loud. Don't worry, it didn't seem to disturb the other 10 people in the theater. This was just a bad movie. Even if you loathe Bush, you had to be bored through most of this. It was like a cross between a boring documentary and one of those SNL skits that drags on with no laughs. There was no humor (I don't recall much laughter from anyone). There was no suspense, no action, no good acting... not even the slightest hint of entertainment! And I paid for it!!

Walked out
Yep. We left. We stayed for an hour and 1/2, but I just couldn't take it anymore. The kicker came when Bush visits wounded troops and just hands them a t-shirt and shows no compassion for them. Oliver Stone can say want he wants, the liberals can believe what they want, but I've seen this president in tears several times when just talking about those young men and women who fight to protect their rights to produce junk like this.

In the heat of a political season, I'm trying to stay off the blog for fear that I might say what I think of Obama and the socialist regime that might soon come to power. Suffice it to say, "NObama!"


The Lindholms said...

Well, it was nice to hear from you after a long silence anyway. From my point of view, however, Obama's government will be representing the urban middle class (=centrist/moderate), as the working class is completely unrepresented in the political landscape in the US right now.

Dennis Kucinich would have had a socialist government, but the "liberal" media won't touch him because he is too far left of their mainstream appeal. Noam Chomsky is another person with real socialist ideas.

NB! I don't won't on the left in elections because they don't represent me, but I think they do an important (if not always good) job looking after blue-collar worker rights and labor unions here. I'm sure they would benefit in the US, too.

-Comrade Will

The Lindholms said...

correction: won't -> vote

Lester Mohammed said...

I've never seen an Oliver Stone movie, and I don't intend to either. I've read enough about his movies to know that I'm not interested in puerile behavior. He makes Goebbels look like an intellectual.

John said...

Watch his other presidential movies, if you haven't already, and you will see that he tends to exaggerate to the extreme. One doesn't go to an Oliver Stone movie to see anything that even closely resembles the truth!

And to Will, power to the people!