Friday, August 8, 2008

We Yearbooked Thomas!

There's nothing like having a good laugh at the expense of your own child... the joys of fatherhood! (Chris, you're gonna be a pro!) Some of the pictures of Thomas looked evil (baby's face on a teenager's body -- weird). Here are the funny ones...
He looks like a gangster!
Thomas 'Babyface' Malone


The Afro

The fat kid picture worked well!

I can't wait until he grows up and I can show him these!


Chris said...

OK, these are quite hilarious. Glad I could help spurn a blog entry. Expect Baby Burke yearbook pictures as soon as possible.

Ashley said...

Okay... THAT was hilarious!

Summer O. said...
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Summer O. said...

oh my.......LOL!!!!!! I was coming here to look at YOUR pictures, b/c Wil told me they were hilarious!

I'm sure Thomas will find his revenge one day..LOL!!!!!

this is FUNNY STUFF!!!!

Hope you are feeling better :-)

Chris said...

Yet another off-topic post:
I'd determined a great torture technique for club Gitmo. They should be required to put together a Pack-N-Play AND a stroller out of the box in one night. And for the especially bad guys, they get to do it without the instructions (not that they are much help anyway).

Chris said...

Even more off-topic:
Josh, you can vouch that I've been none too eager about McCain. But after the pick last Friday and the speech tonight, he can surely count me as a vote.