Thursday, November 8, 2007

Christians & '08 (Part III)

There are probably some politically savvy conservative folks who have read these posts and think I'm clueless. When it comes to politics, it's all about pragmatics for most people. Admittedly, as I sat down to write these posts, my outlook was one of pragmatics as well. But in thinking through these issues biblically, I have come to some different conclusions. My mindset has changed. Here's what I mean...

Primary Mentality vs. General Election Mentality

In the general election, our choices are limited. By this time next year, all of America will have sorted through the candidates, picking two we may or may not like. At that point, I think our mentality should be ‘Do What Most Honors God.’ Pick the candidate who you feel will do the best job at leading and making God-honoring decisions while in the White House.

But in the primaries, Christians tend to have a better choice of candidates. There is usually a candidate who is consistently conservative and has a decent character. This is certainly true for us this year. Thus, I think our mentality during the primaries should be ‘No Compromise.’ While we have the best option, I say we fight for the best option.
Right now, I’m in ‘Primary Mentality.’

At this point, you cannot convince me to vote for Romney, a Mormon whose history fails to prove his current conservative rhetoric. At this point, you cannot convince me to vote for Giuliani, a man as liberal as Hillary on social issues and as immoral as Bill on personal issues.

I don't care who can or cannot beat Hillary. And neither should you. Who's to say she'll even get the nomination? This time 4 years ago Howard Dean was the man to beat! It's not our job to predict the future. As Christians, it's our job to vote for the best man. And right now we've got some decent choices. Here are a few candidates that I submit for your consideration.
Click on their names to see their stands on the issues.
(And, yes, Huckabee tops the list purposefully!)


Mr. McBride said...

Although I think I still support Ron Paul, thank you for your deference to Texarkana.

It is, after all, Twice as Nice.

Josh Culbertson said...

Mr. McBride, borderline Libertarians like Ron Paul are great assets in Congress, not in the White House.

Of course, Steven Colbert was running in SC with the promise to eliminate Georgia and make Charleston the new national capital. That was worth a second thought...

Anonymous said...

It is our duty to check out,to the best of our knowlege,each of the names on the ballot.If we don't know what stance they take on different issues, we are not doing ourselves justice. We have the ability to vote for the best candidate out there, not the one the news or someone else chooses for us. By listening to what others are telling us who can beat who is not always what the majority of the voters want. Lets be sure we tell someone that is voting to check out for themselves what the candidates are standing for, or NOT standing up for. Roger