Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Christians & '08 (Part II)

Before I share the last 2 biblical principles that guide us during an election season, I want to comment on some recent endorsements from Christian leaders. Don Wilton (Pastor of FBC Spartanburg), Bob Jones III (President of Bob Jones University), and Wayne Grudem (Bible professor & author) have all endorsed Mitt Romney. Today, we've learned that Pat Robertson has endorsed Rudy Guiliani... talk about a shocker!

Why are these conservative Christian leaders (and let it be known that I greatly respect Don Wilton & Wayne Grudem) supporting candidates so unlike themselves? One very simple reason... we are scared to death Hillary might win. That's the sole reason. "Who can beat Hillary?"... that's the only thing that matters to these leaders right now. And I can certainly understand. Electing Hillary Clinton could arguably be the worst political decision in American history. However, I think the fear of a second President Clinton is causing these Christian leaders to break the first 2 biblical principles.

It seems that Wilton, Jones, & Grudem are guilty of breaking Principle #2 (Allowing 'Electability' to trump what is most God-honoring). And it seems that Robertson, much to everyone's surprise, is breaking Principle #1 (Compromising on Righteousness). Robertson's mistake is much more dangerous than that of the other men. I think all conservative Christians who live in fear of another Clinton Administration would do well to remember these last 2 biblical principles.

PRINCIPLE #3 – Submit to the candidate who wins.
“Be submissive to rulers and authorities, be obedient, be ready for every good work.”
Titus 3:1

Whether your candidate wins or not, you must be willing to submit to the next leader of our country. There are a few candidates on both sides of the aisle who I adamantly oppose. If they are elected, I must be willing to respect them as our nation’s leader, regardless of how much I disagree with them. The only way this is possible is if I understand principle #4.
PRINCIPLE #4 – God is Sovereign over elections.
“There is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.”
Romans 13:1
The Sovereign Lord determines who will be president. We have to understand that whoever is elected is also the person God appointed… even though that person may not honor Him at all. For reasons higher than ours, God grants authority to whomever He chooses. If Hillary is elected, it is part of God's sovereign plan. This is certainly no reason to just sit back and let the chips fall where they may. We should work diligently supporting the candidate we believe to be most God-honoring and pray fervently for the Lord to bless our nation with a good leader.
But when the election night returns come in, we can rest in the fact that God's Wisdom and Providence are behind it all. Even the leader of the free world is just a servant to the Sovereign Lord.
Some final thoughts tomorrow... along with a few recommendations (not endorsements!)

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Anonymous said...

Joshua, I was just catching up on your blogs. I really needed to hear the words and be reminded that whoever wins I must support as God's choice for whatever reasons. I must be supportive in my words, my thoughts and my actions as well as others should be. But I would pray that we continue to pray and not allow leaders "tricky" words guide us down the wrong path. We can so easily be influenced, especially me, that I must put on the full armor of God each day. As you said God chooses the leader for his reasons and we are unaware of them. Prayer must be our guiding force! I believe it can be hard for Chirstians to be supportive and yet ask God to keep us alert and close. Some may say for them it would be easy but for most I believe it wouldn't be.

Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family!