Monday, May 26, 2008

Get Behind Me, Pastors!

I can't believe I'm about to come to the defense of these guys, but here it goes...

John McCain has recently rejected the endorsement of two pastors, John Hagee & Rod Parsley due to some of their comments which are deemed 'politically incorrect.' The interesting part of this is that McCain actively sought the endorsement of both these men earlier this year when trying to convince evangelicals to back him. Yet, as soon as the media launched its attack on the pastors, McCain (seeing Obama's pastor trouble) dumped them. A few thoughts...

Their comments expressed common Evangelical beliefs. Let me be clear... I don't normally agree with Hagee & Parsley. In fact, I have numerous problems with both of their theologies, and I even consider some of Hagee's views heretical. However, the comments under question are in perfect keeping with a Protestant, Evangelical position.

Hagee harshly criticized and denounced the Catholic church. That's historically common among Protestants! If you think what he said was bad you should read Martin Luther or the English Puritans.
Hagee also said that Hitler was under God's sovereignty during the holocaust. That is absolutely true. God is sovereign over all things... even evil things. It may be hard to understand, but it is a fundamental Christian doctrine. And for the media to paint Hagee as anti-Semitic is just laughable. No pastor supports Israel & the Jews more than he. In fact, he founded CUFI, a political action committee solely devoted to supporting Israel.

Parsley criticized Islam as an 'anti-Christ' religion. Well, they certainly aren't pro-Christ, are they? To consider Islam (and all other religions) to be false is a biblically accurate statement and another fundamental Christian belief.

McCain (like most Republicans) uses Evangelicals. The DNC uses the black community and the RNC uses the evangelical community. In 2000, McCain called Jerry Falwell an 'agent of intolerance,' but in more recent years (leading up to election '08) he recanted and actually spoke at Liberty University. Now we see him begging for the endorsements of these pastors and just a few months later denouncing them as extremists. Thank God my hope doesn't rest in fickle politicians or in the ever-shifting sands of public policy!

Pastors & Politics don't mix. The Bible is a politically incorrect book. Jesus has some very unpopular commands. Thus, the pulpit and politics just don't jive... at least not these days. Our un-Christian nation doesn't understand a biblical worldview. And that's fine. This just gives us an opportunity to talk about biblical principles. But let's do it through conversation, not Congress. Let's win our neighbors' hearts by preaching, not PACs. Let's change our nation by our love, not our lobbying.

America needs to change. But Christians shouldn't look to Obama or McCain to get that job done. We need to look at ourselves, at our churches. We hold the tool to change America, for only we hold the Gospel.


Anonymous said...

I think that McCain has made a mistake by tring to get the endorsments of the evangelical pastors and then rejecting them.I would think that Obama will jump at this and try to move in on the evangelical vote.We Christians need to lift up our nation in prayer and pray,pray,pray for our next leaders .We do need change as you have said ,we need to change our hearts for God and away from ourselves .May God Bless Americia and Bless us as we lift up others.

Jason Vaughn said...

What happened to preaching the gospel in church?

reo said...

Hey bro.
wish more preachers were as unashamedly, intellectually (biblically even!) equipped as you are...i am telling you, Johnson's systematic gets INSIDE of least it did tired of the scared, fuzzy-feeling, good 'ol boy preachers who couldn't hermeneutically fight their way out of a wet theological paper bag...
...i remember watching you do systematic summaries in your room and trying to make you laugh while you did them, until you would kick me out (it was only a matter of time every night)...seeing you take pride in your intellect impacted me...thanks man. k ill stop being such a girl now...

good point about the pulpit and politics not mixing.
so what are your thoughts on the Obama vs Dobson issue ?
just curious. :)