Sunday, December 16, 2007

Calling All Wise Men!

A Christmas Quandary...

It's Thomas' first Christmas, and Dianna & I are wondering whether or not to buy him a gift. Just the thought of us not buying this sweet child a gift is enough for some of you to call Social Services... I know. But here's the deal:

1. We're not rich. (Quite the opposite actually)
2. The grandparents are going to smother him with gifts.
3. Don't diapers & Enfamil count for something?
4. No matter how merry we make Dec. 25, 2007, he's not going to remember any of it.

So what do you think? Should 'Baby's First Christmas' come with a gift?
As you ponder the topic at hand, here are a few pics from the '07 Christmas photo shoot.


Chris said...

I say continue to feed and change his diapers (I'm doubting how grateful he is for that). And when he's older lie your faces off and start telling him you got him some of the gifts his grandparents are getting him.

Anna Gibson said...

My suggestion is that you get him a "First Christmas" ornament as a gift. It will be around a lot longer than a toy, it is a good way to commemorate the occasion, and the price is pretty reasonable ($5-$12).

Josh Culbertson said...

Anna, great idea. Chris, you have such a way with words. "Lie your faces off"... classic.

John said...


Yes you have to give a gift for your child. Even Sarah and I did it. Go to Wal-Mart and get one of the card-board boxes that they have lying around. Because I can promise you that he will be much more interested in the box that the gift comes in and not the actual gift itself. Plus, this gift is usually free of charge.

The Lindholms said...

We - well, Leigh Ann - got Samuel a Christmas ornament with his name on it. It satisfied our need to buy something like "good" parents, while getting something that will last until S is old enough to realise there have been Christmases in the past.

Jarod said...

Though not a parent but a poor medical student, I would definitely skip any major gift giving to the kid. I agree with John that a cardboard box should occupy many hours of his time plus it works on his creativity coming up with new ways to play with the box. I would also get something to commemorate the occasion like an ornament or something that signifies that it is his first Christmas.

Chris said...

Here's an idea:
Give nothing, but always tell him you got him this really awesome present, but he doesn't have it now cause he broke it and you had to throw it away.

Josh Culbertson said...

So the ornament seems to be the prevailing idea... Dianna & I like it. Thanks for your help!

But Chris, you seem a little too into the "lying to children" idea. What decent parent lies to their children at Christmas?!

CHILD: "Dad, who is Santa Claus?"

DAD: "Santa is a jolly old fat man with a white beard dressed in a red outfit who comes down the chimney of every home around the whole world in one night to deliver gifts to good children."

Hmm... maybe you're onto something Chris. Merry CHRISmas everyone! :)