Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Crossroads of Life & Death

The Providence of our God has placed Dianna and me at an interesting crossroad of life and death. As you all know, we're expecting our first son, Thomas, any day now! We can't wait to hold him and see him. But yesterday our joy was mingled with sorrow as we received word that Dianna's grandmother passed away. It seems like the world stands still when you get news like that. Dianna and her 'Grandy' were extremely close, and this has been hard for her. Please remember her and her family in your prayers as they grieve (though not without hope!).

All this has me asking two questions:

What should a Christian's life look like?
I'm about to be responsible for raising a child, training a man. My prayer is that Christ would save him from his sin. But as a Christian, what should his life look like? What should my life look like?
Dianna's grandmother is a wonderful example for us. She was a woman of the word. She was disciplined to study the Scriptures. She shared that word with those around her. One of her unbelieving grandchildren was headed out for "spring break." Grandy pulled him aside as he left, held his hands, and prayed with him. If that doesn't convict, I don't know what will!
I pray that Thomas would be mighty in the Scriptures, that he would be full of grace with the lost around him, and that he would be full of power... able to stand strong for Christ even in the face of death.

What should a Christian's death look like?
If a believer's life should be different, shouldn't his death be also? Grandy's certainly was. When she found out she had cancer 2 months ago, I never saw her shed a tear. I never heard her doubt God's goodness. She wanted to go to heaven! She wanted to see Christ! She wanted to die!
She knew that death was the road to her Savior. As much as she wanted to stay and see her first great-grandson, her one burning desire was to see Jesus Christ. As Christians, death's sting has been erased; its victory has been conquered. Death doesn't win! For the Christian, death is the servant who carries our bags into heaven.
Grandy's death was filled with victory. I pray that my death and even my son's death one day would be a grand finish.

What will your death look like?
It all depends on what your life looks like.

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Denny said...

I really enjoyed this post. Even though you didn't have the pleasure of knowing Mama/Grandy for a long time, you still knew her better than a lot of people. Thru DD, if no other way. Thanks,Denny