Thursday, June 28, 2007

Happy South Carolina Day!

On June 28, 1776 the British navy focused its destructive attention on one of the colonies’ most significant harbor cities…Charleston, South Carolina. All that stood to protect the South’s most cherished city was a half-built fort made of palmetto logs, guarded by only 400 troops.

The 2,000 soldiers that composed the English fleet understandably saw this as the perfect opportunity for attack. The Brits began their mighty bombardment at a range of about 400 yards. Low on powder, the leader of the SC Regiment, Col. William Moultrie, directed his men to fire slowly and accurately in reply. As the cannon balls hammered the fort, the palmetto logs proved an admirable defense, leaving little damage and few casualties.

During the battle, a shell struck the flagpole, and the blue South Carolina banner fell outside the fort. Sergeant William Jasper, risking his life, leaped down to retrieve the flag, which he secured to a makeshift staff planted in the sand.

After more than ten hours of firing, the British fleet withdrew and several weeks later sailed for New York. Their flagship received more than twenty shots and was almost wrecked, while every other ship, save one, was seriously crippled. For three years following their defeat at Charleston the British troops were ordered to leave the South unmolested.

June 28... a day to celebrate heroes, a day to celebrate freedom, a day to celebrate South Carolina.

"I salute the flag of South Carolina and pledge to the Palmetto State love, loyalty and faith."

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