Thursday, March 22, 2007

Real Politics

Presidential hopeful John Edwards announced today that his wife, Elizabeth, has cancer again. We first heard of this as the 2004 elections were coming to a close. The cancer (originally in her breast) is back and has now spread to her bone. Thankfully, there seems to be encouraging news from the doctors that it is treatable. The couple really seems to be in good spirits.

I want to ask you to pray for the Edwards family. This reminds us that those politicians we see on T.V. are real people with real struggles. You'll probably remember that Mr. & Mrs. Edwards suffered the loss of their teenage son in a car accident a few years back. Their family has stuck together in very trying times -- a wonderful example of faithfulness in a terribly unfaithful society. Mr. Edwards' words are refreshing: "Any time, any place I need to be with Elizabeth I will be there -- period." We need more men like that in politics.

I disagree with John Edwards on almost every political issue. He would probably never receive my vote. But I do respect him. My heart does go out to him and Elizabeth. And I will pray for them.

Through this bad news, the Lord has given us a great opportunity to learn that though we may adamantly disagree with someone, we can/should still fervently pray for them.


amy lynn said...

Excellent point, Josh! I may not agree with anything Edwards stands for politically, but I am called to care-I will be praying for them. You know, anyone can say, "well, I'm not compassionate/merciful, that's just not who I am", but that is a cop-out. We are to be transformed by the renewing of our minds Rom 12:1-2 and God calls us to continually grow as believers. Just because I don't want to be compassionate to a democrat, does not mean it's right, in fact it is against all that Jesus taught believers in Scripture. So I'll pray for the Edwards.. and that God helps me become more compassionate

Double O Balloon said...
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Anonymous said...

I must say it is quite the testament to the establishment of politics in general that we have to even be reminded to pray for someone in this type of situation when they are a political enemy. But, reminding we do need. I would lament the current situation of politics for the necessity, but unfortunately it has been around since the establishment of this country as well as long before. I think the founding fathers were on to something when establishing a "separation of church and state" but not for the reasons that various political sides seem to deem necessary for their use. Certainly, the founding fathers feared one tyrant named George for another of the same name and other forms monarchy, including the lessons learned from the Holy Roman Empire. The latter teaching us that a simple withholding of communion could be far more reaching than any edict or manner of legislation. But, I don’t think this separation excluded the common ideals of decency and morality that is so lost in the morally sterile political world that has since been produced. So, we must reclaim that decency and sense of “gentlemanship” that once was at least on the surface of how people treated each other in the halls of government.

Of course we should pray for this family, if not in equal but far more than the energy we would exert in opposing their political views. I just wish the people of our government had even the slightest sense of decency in the simple act you’ve made of highlighting that necessity – the notion of which has long since been buried under mountains of flung mud.

Josh Culbertson said...

Both Burkes in one post! I do feel honored. Thanks for your insights. I especially liked Chris' call to pray for them with more energy than we use to oppose them. Amen.

Eric M. Ashley said...

Hello Josh...I came across a link to your blog from Cecil's site. Just wanted to stop in and say hello.